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Wednesday the 25th of April 2012

03:12:00 PM

Cat Treats

Reminiscing About Cats When I was growing up, we lived on a farm. My father took care of a rice field and we had a really good memories living on the farm. We used to own dogs, pigs, carabaos, and cats. We had like half a dozen of cats not just for pets but we trained them to catch mice. Yep, you read it right. Living on a farm often means there are uninvited mice that roam around our premises and the cats took care of them! Cats are better than using chemicals that kill unwanted rodents and we were delighted that our felines did an amazing job in driving the mice away. I remember whenever those cats would successfully kill the mice, my father would give them the best cat treats that they could ever ask for. It was not the ones that you can buy from the store but my father would cook food that our cat loved. I used to ask him why he would cook them food and he would explain to me that they deserve it because they were doing a great job in protecting us. After we left farm life and went to my Mom's place, the coastal area of the Philippines, we still had a cat at home but not as many as we had when we were on the farm. Living on a farm is one thing that I am very fond of. I have learned a lot from my parents and many wise things that they taught us as kids. When my husband asked me if I would like to have a pet, I immediately said yes, because I grew up with pets around the house. We have four furry babies right now!
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