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Wednesday the 18th of April 2012

12:04:12 PM

Healthy Cat Treats

We decided to put the two bunnies together in the house that my husband built for them. We separated them at first because the breeder where we got the female, the new addition, says that she had just weaned her. She told us that if she gets pregnant, she won't grow anymore. Hubby said that Wubzy (our male bunny), is the reason why we got Matilda( (the female). So we put them together just yesterday and Wubzy was very pleased! Anyhow, the reason why we got these bunnies was because our daughter wanted to get a cat. Hubby suggested we get the bunnies instead. 

I know that my daughter misses the kitten that she had for a short period of time when we visited the Philippines. Someone gave her a cat and she wanted to bring it home, but we couldn't. We told her that maybe someday we could get a cat but not right now. She always wonders if Grandma is giving Emma (the name of her cat) healthy cat food. I explained to her that over there, they just feed their pets with what they eat So Emma might be eating whatever my family is eating for supper. From the place where I grew up in, it is still old school when it comes to doing many things, which means that cats and dogs are being feed with left over food or table scraps. We used to have plenty of kittens when I was growing up but we never bought any cat food at the store. The main reason why we had so many cats, was because we wanted to keep the rats away from home. The cats protected us from rat invasions which was obviously very good! Pets here in the States are spoiled with so many things, unlike where I grew up.
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