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Monday the 7th of January 2013

08:55:42 PM

Spare Ribs con Broccoli & Cheese

TGIF, time to a sumptuous weekend once again.  What do you have in your kitchen.   I made broccoli and cheese as a side dish.   

Preparing the ribs is easy.  I boiled it in water with a chopped up onion, added some salt and a little bit of vinegar.  When the meat is tender enough, baste it with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce then bake it for about thirty minutes or if you prefer to grill it instead.  It tasted very good!  Plus you can use the soup to any dish, I used it in cooking my bihon.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

This was originally posted on 10/31/2009
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Posted by Luna Miranda:

wohooo, your spareribs is calling my name!
Thursday the 29th of October 2009 @ 09:34:36 PM

Posted by FoodTripFriday:

did you cook the spare ribs sis?galing mo naman!
Friday the 30th of October 2009 @ 05:13:38 AM

Posted by Seiko:

Wow!Drooling naman ng FTF mo Rose pakagat nga!Mwah!
Saturday the 31st of October 2009 @ 07:27:54 AM

Posted by shydub:

Wow bakla naglalaway ako sa ribs mo dito, ang sarap. Hindi pa yata ako nakatikim ng ribs dito kay gutom na gutom ako.
Saturday the 31st of October 2009 @ 08:22:21 PM

Posted by cecile:

wow, sarap naman ng spareribs mo, Rose; paano mo ginawa yun? I love broccolli, but with cheese on it, i'll just pass; not a fan of a cheese on this side dish :-(
Saturday the 31st of October 2009 @ 09:08:05 PM

Posted by Kerri:

Just doing some surfing. Meal looks yummy. By the way, congrats on winning JotW.
Sunday the 1st of November 2009 @ 12:01:30 AM

Posted by Bogie:

Wow... looks like you are a good cook. :)
Sunday the 1st of November 2009 @ 06:20:40 AM

Posted by manangkim:

The spare ribs looks delicious and love broccoli too with cheese it would be so yummy.

my entry is up http://manangskusina.blogspot.com
Sunday the 1st of November 2009 @ 09:51:41 AM

Posted by meryl:

huwaw! peborit ko tong spare ribs! ^_^ yummylicious! si hubby ko kumakain ng broc...basta may cheese...yummylicious. nakkagutom naman ito...mouthwatering
Sunday the 1st of November 2009 @ 08:23:32 PM

Posted by Kero:

my oh my! that's a great combination. i hope you can share as well how you made your cheese and brocolli side dish :)

thank you so much for visiting!
Monday the 2nd of November 2009 @ 12:11:24 AM

Posted by fe:

wow, lamia ani sis uy, ganahan r ba kaau kog ribs, so yummy...naa pa nabilin dha he he ;)
Monday the 2nd of November 2009 @ 02:57:02 AM

Posted by fe:

your such a good cook jud sis, gigutom ko na ga tan aw dri..
Monday the 2nd of November 2009 @ 02:59:53 AM

Posted by Tita Beng:

Thanks for sharing this Rose! I will surely try this for the foodies of the house. Super mouth watering talaga!
Monday the 2nd of November 2009 @ 07:35:39 AM

Posted by Tita Beng:

Am not sure of my first comment went in. I just wanna let you know that I will try to copy this for the people here. Super yummy anf dating eh!
Monday the 2nd of November 2009 @ 07:40:08 AM

Posted by weng:

hmm sarap nito Rose.
Monday the 2nd of November 2009 @ 09:44:13 AM

Posted by Mel Alarilla:

Wow, barbecued spare ribs is one of my favorite food. I remember eating baby back ribs at Racks and I really enjoyed the meal. I prefer it grilled than roasted in an oven. Thanks for the yummy post. God bless you always. :);):oo:)
Monday the 2nd of November 2009 @ 11:41:33 AM

Posted by jay - agent112778:

that is so yum yum and we need lots of rice too

my entry is here

Great day for us Food Weekenders

Thanx for the Visit
Monday the 2nd of November 2009 @ 10:41:00 PM

Posted by His Unfailing Love:

Hmmm, yummy talaga, the favorite of my sons
Monday the 2nd of November 2009 @ 11:48:54 PM

Posted by meryl:

nagutom nanaman ako dito...:) sarap naman nyan..meron pa?
Tuesday the 3rd of November 2009 @ 05:45:25 AM

Posted by dhemz:

ayay! yummy naman nito sis...galing..thanks sa tips manang ko!
Wednesday the 4th of November 2009 @ 12:49:33 AM

Posted by CarolHardin:

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Wednesday the 29th of June 2011 @ 09:12:01 AM

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