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Friday the 22nd of February 2013

07:41:44 PM

Elite Tool Boxes

I wrote an article about the gift that I got my husband for Christmas.  I bought him a big tool box so he could organize his tools.  I was disappointed though when the product arrived because some part are mangled and chipped.  I was really bummed because I paid a lot for it and to my dismay, it wasn't good as I was expecting it to be.

I wish that I could have seen the selection of these   waterloo tool boxes at Elite Tool Boxes because they look heavy duty and the price  is a little  cheaper compared to the one that I bought.  I should have  researched more for  options before I finally purchase it.  Seeing the selection at Elite tool Boxes makes me regret the purchase I made from the other site.  Oh well, that's how you learn right.  With the mistake I did, I learned that there are so many  online stores that sell  the same products for different prices.  

Despite the  imperfection though, my husband like it that he has a toolbox now.  Most of his tools are now  organize although he needs more room for the other tools but at least he knows where to look for when he need a certain tool that he need to use.
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