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Thursday the 17th of January 2013

09:22:10 AM

Gun Safety

With so many tragedies caused by guns these days, it makes me paranoid already.  Hubby and I are goun-owners, we bought a couple of guns  for security and safety purposes only.  One of the guns that hubby  has is for hunting and the other for  defense at home.  We  practice shooting  every summer  and we even  educate our two young children on how to  use it properly.  We make sure to explain to them that guns are not something to play or mess with, that it is only to be used when  it deemed necessary. I think that properly educating individuals  about guns and  life is a must in order to have a better understanding about the issue.    Gun control is not the  answer to the problem but proper education about it.

Anyhow, my husband's birthday is coming up next month and I am thinking of getting him a  gun safe since he doesn't have one yet.  I found an affordable one that  my budget could accommodate.  It is priced at $624.95 plus free shipping.  I want to surprise my husband with it but I want him to pick what kind he wants as I might buy the one that he won't like.   I may need a help of our friend who has a deeper knowledge about this.  GunSafesNow has a huge selection, so if you are loooking for one.  Try to check their collection out.
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Posted by deden:

Yeah, you should keep it safes and outreached from children


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Wednesday the 6th of March 2013 @ 09:28:19 AM

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