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Wednesday the 25th of April 2012

03:16:27 PM

College Eduction

Planning Ahead I was watching this show about people who have education loans and I couldn't believe how much interest they pay on the loans that they incur in pursuing their education. This is the main reason why hubby and I have started saving money for the kids education since they were born. I know that this won't be enough to finish their degree but at least they will have something to spend as a starter. I know that my kids are still young but I want to instill in their minds that saving money for their college is a great thing. Whenever they are asking for toys that I know won't really do good to help them with their development, I would encourage them to just save the money and later on decide what is best to buy when they have a bigger amount. On another note, as early as it is now, I am already beginning to browse through some colleges that our children might be interested in. Having an internet connection is awesome because you get to travel virtually, and learn about things that you want to know on different subjects. The cool thing is, when you search for one thing like "college" or "schools", you get so many results like college in miami, West Virginia University, Harvard University, Yale and so many more. This gives us as parents the advantage of reading and learning about each school's mission and vision. Thinking about this stuff makes me sad because I realize that my kids are growing up so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday I gave birth to them and now they are little individuals who speak their mind and say things that make my heart beat fast sometimes. Being a parent is really a pure blessing! Savour the moment.
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