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Wednesday the 25th of April 2012

12:21:38 PM

Rice Varieties

What's for Dinner? Ever since we ate at one of my favorite restaurants for the first time, I've become addicted to brown rice. So now, every time we go to the store, I always buy a pack or two of that particular rice because I cook it from time to time at home. Our regular rice that we cook everyday is white rice, so once in a while I crave the wild rice. What I like about the brown rice is you can find brown rice recipes on the box or you can look some recipes up online and cook it yourself. That's my frugal way of enjoying the food that I like on a budget! I remember when I first arrived here in the States, I was having headaches almost everyday. Do you know why? It was because my eating pattern was altered, and I wasn't eating as much rice as I used to be. It may seem weird to those who are not used to eating rice everyday, but it's true. As soon as we got settled and cooked rice regularly, I was fine again. I haven't tried many kinds of wild rice but there is one brand that I love. It really satisfies my cravings every time I make it. I also like the fact that they sell it in smaller packages which is perfect for the four of us. Speaking of which, I have to get another batch of brown rice to store in my cellar, I am all out lol. Do you guys eat brown rice? What kind of rice do you cook the most? At our home, rice is an daily staple. I don't feel full or satisfied if I don't eat rice. I am so glad that both of my kids and my husband adapted to my traditional way of cooking Filipino foods.
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