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Tuesday the 24th of April 2012

01:41:51 PM

Math Programs

I wished my daughter good luck as she left home for school this morning. They have a big test today, and I was kind of afraid for her. When she came home, she was apologetic because two of her papers each had each a mistake, but most of her marks are 100%. I told her that she can still improve those scores on the next test. Besides, the grades are still A's so it did not matter so much. My daughter is a perfectionist, so when she messes up her test, she is very disappointed. She is like my husband who strives to do the best that he can all the time. I really like the school where my child is enrolled, because they have this tight knit community. The population is small so the teachers can really focus on each of the students. They give each student the attention that they need. They have kindergarten and first grade games that are tailored to a Christian way of life. When they had the open house, my son had a blast! They let him participate in their classroom discussion too. He got to play with educational games on the computer when they had the computer class at the end of the day. That encouraged him more about going to school this coming fall. He will be in kindergarten too. How about you, did you send your kid to pre school? I think it is best to just teach your kids at home when they are not emotionally ready. It is true that sending your toddler to pre-school will help develop their social skills, but if you have the right system, you can sill achieve that and at the same time, personally teach your child more things than what they could learn in school. What is your take on this subject?
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