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Wednesday the 18th of April 2012

06:43:08 PM

Dog Food

We have two dogs and two rabbits at home. Our dog Champ, is a Jack Russel Terrier, and Maximus is a Toy Fox Terrier. Since they are completely different, we have to buy two kinds of dog food for them. It's expensive to have pets here in America lol. But I am not complaining because pets brings the family a lot of happiness too, especially for our two children. When Champ was still young, we used to buy him wet dog food food because he found it hard to chew the dry dog food. But now that he is big, we only give him dry dog food. We are now thinking of giving Maximus wet dog food too, because he is too small and his teeth can only chew the wee little ones. Last week we bought each dog a new bag of food but we did not get any wet dog food. We are worried that it might give Max diarrhea if we change his diet. Maybe when he grows up a little bit we'll try that. I am so glad that both of these dogs are now house broken. That's another expense that we don't have to worry about. You see, when your pets "do their business" inside your house, your carpets gets trashed, which eventually causes you an additional expense to clean them, or replace them. That is why I am so glad that they know how to ask us when they need to go. Back to the dog food topic that I was talking about earlier, we rely on our pet's vet on what is the appropriate food our dog should eat, because we really don't want them to develop some kind of disease that could cost us a lot of amount of money. The more that we can do to keep them healthy, the better off we'll all be! How about you, do you have fur babies at home?

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