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Monday the 16th of April 2012

09:07:38 PM

Home Furnishings

Depending on the money that we can save with our budget, we are planning to convert our dining room into a bedroom, because we have a big kitchen anyways and we rarely use the dining area. We definitely need to browse the TheRoomPlace.com dining room, but we are looking into the selection of TheRoomPlace.com kids as well, because right now, we only have one bed in their room and it's a double decker. So when we convert the dining room into a bedroom, we would need a set of bedroom furniture for one of the kids. I was also looking at their exclusive selection and they look gorgeous! Being a home owner is expensive. You have to constantly furnish your place and maintain the exterior and interior parts of your home. We did a big home improvement last year and that was building a new front porch. It cost us more than twenty grand, but we are glad we did it because the house looks a lot better now that we have a bigger and newer porch. To complete the look of it, we bought a new set of patio furniture and we also landscaped our front lawn. Every time we pull in our drive way, I feel a sense of satisfaction that our home has finally a curb appeal. We also saved money in doing the landscaping ourselves. Hiring a professional is just too much so we decided to do it ourselves, which was a lot of work but we are happy with what we came up with. Granted that it isn't as beautiful as the pros would, do but we are pleased with what we have done. Besides, when you personally do the improvement, it makes you feel good every time someone compliments with it. For now, I think we will concentrate on finishing the basement but let us see what happens next. So tune in.
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Posted by Alv0808:

Wow..it will look great ya..

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Monday the 16th of April 2012 @ 09:46:06 PM

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