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Friday the 17th of February 2012

08:40:24 PM

Employee Manuals

I sometimes miss  being at work but when I look at my kids, I am contented of just being a plain MOm and wife!  If you are part of a workforce, am sure that you are familiar with your company's employee manual. I honestly can remember if we were given an employee handbook when I started working in school some years ago but I am guessing that we were. Anyhow, for those company who are just starting and wants to make their own, you can see an employee handbook sample at HRIT Inc. Having an employee handbook is a great thing for a company to clearly laid their policies so that it would be transparent to every employee that you have. If you do not want the sample that is available at the said site, they ca help you write your own employee manual.

I remember when we were revising the existing student handbook of our school, our office was the one in-charge with it. My boss did the editing of the texts and I did the encoding of the whole manuscript. It took us months before it got finalized and finally printed. It was a tiring project but I have learned a lot. I think, I almost memorize every page of the student handbook hahaha.

Being a stay at home is the best thing but sometimes, I miss working. am glad that I can still do some work at home, thanks to the online opportunities because my brain is still running and working good. But anyhow, if you need some help with your company's employee manual, just visit the site mentioned above because they have written sample at their website that you can pattern your own. You can also avail their free lessons and advice on key management topics. You can either choose custom software or the retail software, they are both available at HRIT Inc. Get yours now by visiting t any of the links above.

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