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Friday the 3rd of May 2013

05:55:11 PM

Woodworking Router Bits

Our neighbor has a huge woodworking shop at the basement of their house.  He got an accident  a couple of months ago and almost chopped off one of his finger.  I think he was trying t finish u the job that he was doing even if he was very tired already.  He accidentally slid his finger  while cutting a piece of wood and one of his finger got caught in the edge of the blade.  It was bloody!  His finger  is healed up now but part of the skin that got chopped  is still trying to grow.  He showed us how it happened  and also mentioned the  Top brand available router profiles.  Most of our neighbors here  works in the mill before so they are very skilled.  Whenever we have a project at home, they are always  lending a hand to help.    They were a big help when we did the fence around the house.  They even lent us  the tools that we need in doing the job.
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