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Thursday the 17th of January 2013

09:45:31 AM

Mile Vacuum Cleaner

We visited my father-in-law yesterday and he was very glad that we came. He's been trapped inside the house  these winter season as he does not drive anymore.  He gets very lonely when no one is visiting him.  Anyhow, every time we  are there, the kids would always  play, thus, a mess.  I cleaned up their mess  before we left last night.  I tried using his vacuum and  noticed that it was not sucking any dirt on the floor.  So I opened his filter and it was packed.  His vacuum was like ours with two  filters, one at the bottom and  there is one at the top.  He forgot that  it has one filter at the top so he never cleaned it.  To make the story short, I washed  it and let it dry.  I think that it would be better for Dad to  have one of the   Miele Vacuum cleaners as it is light to maneuver and it is easier to handle.  At 90 years old, his  ability  to carry and lift heavy stuff is getting limited.  He gets frustrated sometimes  of the things that he wants to do  but he can't do it.  Sometimes, he forget that he is almost 91 so if he can't do a certain thing that he used to do when he was 50, he get a little agitated.  The Miele S7 Upright vacuum would be a perfect one for him as it provide excellent  carpet and floor cleaning.
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