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Monday the 30th of April 2012

04:54:49 PM

Wireless Doorbells

Our current doorbell is getting defective. Sometimes it work and sometimes it won't. My father-in-law dropped by here a couple pf weeks ago and he said he rung the door bell so many times but we did not hear anything so he just left. It bummed me out because he seldom come by and we missed the time that he came. I teased him that he should have knocked on the door before he left. I gave him a hard time but then he fired back lol. Oh I am so glad that I am so lucky to have a fun-loving parent-in-law. His family is just the most kind and understanding people in the world. Anyhow, our doorbell is an old school type. The former had this installed many years ago and sometimes it fails to ring when someone pushes the button outside. Hubby wants to replace it with a wireless doorbell so he has been browsing for different kinds of wireless doorbells at Wireless Doorbell Store online. The wireless door bellthat he likes is the Chamberlain Wireless door bell with intercom which allows you to talk to your visitor before you open the door. The price is not that bad and I think this one is great especially that you have kids. It's safer and it's affordable.
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